Nichol Wheatley Artwork at Peatzeria

The incredibly talented Scots artist Nichol Wheatley creates beautiful artwork all over Scotland. Public areas, hotels, bars and restaurants across the country are adorned with his contemporary wall art and paintings. And now, you can see his work at our very own Peatzeria Restaurant in Islay.

The Artist Nichol Wheatley

Wheatley is a landscape painter, wall mural and mosaic artist from Kinross in Scotland. He has worked on commissions in some amazing Scottish venues, such as The Corinthian Club and Oran Mor in Glasgow. And we are delighted to have his restaurant art on our own walls here at Peatzeria.

Where to Spot his Work

Inspired by our magnificent surroundings on Islay, Wheatley has made an eye-catching cloud mural on the wall. And he also painted the gorgeous landscape painting mounted on it.

Look around the restaurant and you’ll spot lovely designs where you least expect them. Even the signs to the toilets have had a make-over!

The striking signage on the exterior of the building is by Wheatley too.

We love our Wheatley artwork at Peatzeria. Not only does it make our restaurant look stylish, but it brings the outside inside. So, we can be reminded of our spectacular Islay surroundings while we work. And our customers are loving his designs too. We’ve had some great comments and feedback so far.

So, why not come along and see for yourself? You can try our delicious stone baked pizzas while you’re here. Find out more about Peatzeria Restaurant in Bowmore, Islay and the artist Nichol Wheatley.